Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies

Cuckold Phone Sex

Cuckold Queen Wants Big Black Cock

Cuckold Phonesex 1 888 684 2825
Is there anything better than being with a woman who knows exactly what she wants?
And isn’t it so much hotter when she knows exactly how to go about getting that thing that she wants?
You want me, these big tits, long legs, and round ass, and I want a big black cock bending me over and fucking my creamy white pussy while you stroke to my thick curves!
Of course I still want you, I love how you do anything to make this cuckold queen happy, but do you really think I could be happy with just one cock?
When you come in the door to your cuckold queen, you never know just what you are going to find, you just know it will involve a lot of black cock cum!
of course I will cuckold you behind your back, but what gets me wet is when you know exactly what I am doing, the sound I make when I am slurping on a hard dick, the way I moan when I am getting my pussy stretched out by his cock, the hypnotizing way my tits bounce when I am getting fucked doggystyle by another man in front of you.
It’s amusing to me when I come home after a long night out with “the girls” and sit on your face with that creampie pussy, but my sexual satisfaction multiplies when I am riding that big black cock right there in front of you, you watching that ass bouncing up and down so close to your face that you can smell my pussy, having you right there underneath me when he jizzes into my pussy.
When I get off that big black cock and spread those just fucked pussy lips wide open for your tongue, can you think of anything or anyone you’d rather have as your cuckold queen?
Cuckold Phonesex with me is $2.50 per minute, all major credit cards accepted, just tell the female dispatcher that you need to talk with your cuckold phonesex fantasy girl! 1 888 684 2825.

Is My Wife Wife Cuckolding Me?

Cuckold Phone Sex 1 888 684 2825

I’m a total size queen, into all the aspects of cuckolding, and want to take a guess at one of the most frequent questions I get asked by my cuckold phone sex callers is one I would think would be obvious.
Do you think she’s cheating on me?
You have an amazing hot wife or a very sexy girlfriend, with a banging body.
Men stop and stare wherever you go, right?
Your friends tell you how lucky you are to have a woman like that, and joke about how do you keep her happy.
And you know that while you can give her a great life, but we both know that little white cock is not keeping any woman happy.
What, you really expected me to sugar coat the truth, that if you have a little dick, your wife will cheat on you?
How many women cheat on their husbands?
Chances are, your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you.
After all, they need to get some big cock somewhere, right?
And if they can’t get it at home……………
Want to hear all about how to find out of your wife is cuckolding you?
Do you want your wife to cuckold you?
Call me so I can give you all the cuckold humiliation you carve.
1 888 684 2825, $2.50 per minute, give me a call.

Cuckolding or Polyamory?

Cuckolding Blog 1 888 684 2825
Hello there, to all my sexy cuckold men!
One of the most common questions I get on a cuckold phone sex call is, “How do I get my wife into cuckolding?”
Well, there are so any ways, let me share a few of the things we can do together to facilitate your wife’s cuckolding experience.
First, you can call me, and I’ll talk to your wife about all things cuckold, from finding a discrete cuckold big black bull to the ground rules of a cuckold relationship, and after a session with your favorite cuckold mistress, she’ll have wet panties and be ready dive into the cuckold life.
But what if your wife is committed to your traditional marriage?
The whole one man one woman soul mates for life drivel that the media sells?
Oh, lover, that’s where I come in.
Sometimes, to give your wife what she really needs, you have to show her just what she wants.
One way of bringing up an open relationship is to intoduce your wife to polyamory.
At this point, you let your wife know you will both be looking for other lovers, but, you don’t fuck anyone else, lover.
You pretend erectile dysfunction with your wife, and start working too many hours to even be interested in cunninglingus on your wife, and before long, your potential hot wife will be climbing the walls from sexual frustration.
Is your wife cheating on you at this point?
How much are you going to call me and stroke your cock telling me about all your slut wife’s escapades?
You are now a cuckold, your hot wife thinks you are just poly, and you can’t wait to share in my cuckold experiences.
Call me, for cuckold stories like no other.
Cuckold calls are $2.50 per minute, the sexy female dispatcher will take your major credit card and connect you for the best cuckold phonesex ever.

Cuckold Fantasies

Cuckold Phonesex
Hey there to all my cuckolds and soon to be cuckolds, I’m back!
My vacation ended up being much longer than I had planned, I was having so much fun that I just didn’t want it to end!
Did all my cuckold club addicts miss me?
Want to hear all about some of my taboo escapades?
Now, in my cuckold world, there are very few absolutes, not so much rules as suggestions.
One of the sensual directives is that the cuckold sucks cock.
It’s so much more fun to share every aspect of cuckolding with a cuck, and a cuckold who sucks cock please me, and isn’t that what cuckolding is all about, pleasure?
And confess, cuckold, in your head, in your secret cuckold fantasies, when it’s just you stroking your cock, this cuckoldress knows that you sometimes wonder how it would be to suck another man’s cock.
The feel of a big fat cock sliding between your lips, gagging on that hard throbbing shaft, sucking that head until that cum just shoots into your mouth?
I have.
There’s something about seeing a cuckold submit to sucking a man’s cock that just does it for me.
Want to explore just how hot a cuckolding fantasy with this cuckold mistress can get?
1 888 684 2825
Adults only, $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum, all credit cards accepted,talk to you soon.

Am I A Cuckold?

What’s worse, suspecting that your wife is cuckolding you, or knowing without a doubt that you are a cuckold?
It can be so hard to tell, you love that your wife is so attractive to other men, but you want to trust her.
It’s the little things that give away that you’re married to a cheating wife.
Of course she spends time at the gym, but why does she spend so much time and effort into looking so good to go work out, and why does she go to the gym that’s two neighborhoods over?
And when she comes back from the gym or shopping or lunch with friends, why does her hair always look like she just got out of bed, all down in a sexy tangle like she was getting her hair pulled while she was taking a big cock doggystyle?
Do other men’s wives come home with clothes always in disarray, makeup looking like it was smeared off rolling around in a hotel room bed, or mascara running under her eyes like you know happens when she is giving a deep throat blow job?
The twist you get in your belly when you see the sexy panties with the big creampie stain in the hamper, that smells like not only her pussy but another man’s cum?
What to do, cuckold?
Should you follow her for the day, to try to discover what your hot wife does while you are at work?
Should you hire a private detective to see just who and what she does?
Now, sitting in the detective’s office, about to open the file that’s a potential ompilation of your slut wife’s cuckolding activities, do you really want to know exactly what your hot wife is up to?
And why does the thought of seeing your wife cuckolding you make your cock so hard?
Call me to find out.
1 888 684 2825

Interracial Cuckolding Phonesex

Mandingo Fucking White Pussy 1 888 684 2825
If you follow me on Twitter (CuckoldQueen), you may have seen me give a shout out to “Django Unchained”.
Although not Tarantino’s intent (although he seems like a freak, so who knows¬† if he’s into interracial cuckolding ?), there is definitely something animalistically¬† sexual and taboo about total enslavement and control of a whole race, that is reputedly superior in every way sexually to the white race.
There is the talk of comfort girls and scenes of Broomhilda being made up and sent to the German bounty hunter for his sexual needs, which speaks to anyone interested in BDSM and the eroticism of institutionalized slave rape.
Black male sexual prowess is what’s always first and foremost on this cuckold phonesex queen’s mind, as you all know.
My loving cuckold husband indulged my interracial cuckold fantasy of being the mistress of a plantation just like Candyland, but instead of Mandingos fighting to the death, there was Mandingo cuckolding.
The Master of the slave plantation had been away on business, traveling, making a living for the two of us, and his loving wife just could not control herself around all those ripped Mandingo slaves!
When the Master of the house and my loving cuckold went upstairs to visit his voluptuous wife, he couldn’t help but take notice of the shirtless young black male slave leaving my private chambers, and the look of sexual satisfaction on his wife’s pretty face that before had always been reserved for him.
After a brief reunion with my loving cuckold husband becoming more and more nonplussed at my obvious interest in mandingo slaves, it wasn’t long before I showed him just why I as well as most other white woman are obsessed with interracial cuckolding.
1 888 684 2825

Cuckolding White Men

Cuckolding Phone Sex
I had the most interesting conversation about the psychology of cuckolding white men with one of my favorite cuckolds.
Not sure if I agree with all his views, but I have to admit that he has a unique perspective on the cuckolding fetish.
The traditional view, and obviously the one I practice, is that cuckolding white men is only a tangenital aspect of cuckolding.
Cuckold historically referred to the adulterous wife of a clueless married man, but now it commonly refers to the sexual gratification gained from being a cuckolded husband.
Of course when you have a slut wife, you have a cuckolded husband, but the purpose of my cuckolding white men is all about me.
Cuckolding is about this cuckold phonesex queen’s total sexual satisfaction, and cuckolding white men is an afterthought, if anything.
My cuckold has the view that interracial cuckolding comes from the guilt white men feel about the past, sort of a Django Unchained inspired notion, that as black males are so sexually superior to white men, that as black bulls are are so unbelievably sexually potent with over sized genitalia and stamina, that when a white wife fucks black cock in front of her white husband, it is in part reparations.
Let me know your thoughts.
1 888 684 2825

What Does A Cuckold Goddess Want?

Cuckolding Phonesex

Hello to all the sexy cuckold men who adore me!
And just what does a cuckold goddess want, aside from the obvious, more big black cock?
Do you need a hint on how to spoil me, sexy?
It’s that time of year again, when you wish to show your cuckold queen just how much you worship me.
And that means presents!
Lots and lots of presents!
How can you gift me something that I will adore as much as you adore me?
I love Amazon, and you can send me an e-card right to my email address at
Amazon sells everything, and if you know me at all, you know how much I love to shop!
Chocolates, shoes, jewelry, flowers, music, everything to spoil your Cuckold Goddess!
Are you dreaming about your big busty cuckold phonesex goddess all wrapped up in sexy lingerie?
Make me smile, surprise me with a Victoria’s Secret e-gift certificate, indulge your cuckold goddess in my love for all things girly :)
After all, we both know, sexually, there is nothing you can do to satisfy me.
The only thing a girl like me wants to ride of yours’ is your wallet.
Make my pussy happy, baby, the only way a white man can.
1 888 684 2825

Want to be a Cuckold Phonesex Fluffer?

Want to be a cuckold fluffer?
Are you a cuckold or a submissive?
Does it even matter?
Most of the cuckolds I play with are both.
You have to have a submissive streak to want to indulge in the cuckold fetish, wouldn’t you agree?
You are for me to use anyway I choose.
And tonight, I choose to make you my fluffer.
I doubt you have any, and the few forced bi taboos that you do have, I will push you past them.
You’ll thank me later, when you are on your knees, saliva and cum dripping out of your mouth, while you beg for me to use you as a cuckold fluffer just one more time.
Trust me.
There’s no one better.

Cuckold Creampie Phonesex

As you know, cuckolding is about sexually satisfying a woman who is emotionally involved with a man who can’t satisfy her.
And while I have many cuckold stories, with me, expect the unexpected.
I have a long time cuckold husband who loves to indulge in the more loving aspects of the cuckold fetish.
We have been in a long term relationship, mutually satisfying on both sides, but on a whim, my cuckold husband goes to a fortune teller.
The fortune teller sits across from him, and asks him if he really wants to know his future, as it may be more than he can handle.
My loving cuckold of course wants to know his future, after all, he has everything that makes life worthwhile, from career to friends but especially a big beautiful thick blonde wife, the kind of girl all your friends want to fuck.
And you know what they say about if you want to be happy for the rest of your wife, never make a pretty woman your wife…
The gypsy told him that his immediate future would be him on his knees, begging for the cum out of his slut wife’s pussy.
Shocked, bewildered, not comprehending, stumbling home, he finds that his thick, busty wife has a big black lover, and he’s left a creamy present in that pussy.
And that’s not all.
That big black bull is still there, and he can see what the site of your wife’s black bred pussy is doing to you, how you want to play the jilted husband but that creampie pussy is making you hard.
What to do?
And the fortune teller’s prediction of you, on your knees,begging to eat the cum out of your slut wife’s creampie pussy is coming true.
You do want to make me happy, yes?
1 888 684 2825