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Hey there, how’s your day going so far?
Feeling the cuckold craving?
I am.
The more I indulge in cuckolding, the more I want to experience every different facet of my favorite taboo fetish.
And one of the sexiest aspects of cuckolding for me is that there are so many men out there that are cuckolds, but don’t even know that they have a slut wife, with a pussy full of jizz from some other man.
That each time their hot wife doesn’t want to fuck them, but “allows” the unwitting cuckold husband to go down on that sticky fucked by bbc pussy, some unknowing white man is getting a mouthful of cuckold creampie!
The reasons a hot wife fucks other men are myriad, maybe you have a small white penis, maybe your wife just needs variety in bed to make her cum, maybe she just wants to ride your wallet instead of your cock.
Hey, all valid reasons, at least for this cuckold queen.
And that leads me to the following conversation.
I had the most interesting cuckold confession with one of my men today.
Blowing a kiss to my kindred cuckold fetish partner in crime, J, the hour with you just flew by!
J is my cuckold, but he’s spent a lot of time on both sides of the cuckold relationship, he’s been fucking other man’s wives ever since college, sometimes with the husband’s permission right in front of the cuck, other times behind the husband’s back with a slut wife.
J told me all about the first time he fucked a bored housewife, how he would do work around his house for a summer job and that hot milf schooled him in how to please a cougar!
And I told J all about my first cuckold time, how I used to date white boys to please my Daddy but how I would fuck their black friends behind Daddy’s back, and you know Daddy would have killed his big titty blonde daughter if he had known!
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It’s Not Your Baby – Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

Cuckold Phone Sex 1 888 684 2825
There are just so very many ways that I can get in your head and mind fuck you by cuckolding, and who doesn’t love a good mind fuck, especially when it’s with your favorite curvy cuckold queen?
And that’s why you are so addicted to me, there is just no other than can get in your head and satisfy you like me, is there?
And no one will exploit your secret cuckold fetish like me, because my secret is, I love and live the cuckold life every day.
How about we try this Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex fetish?
Getting home from a long day at work, you can’t wait to see your very curvy, very sexy girlfriend, who looks even hotter lately, tits even bigger, ass even bigger, makes you hard just thinking about that thick body that you can’t wait to stick your cock into.
Imagine me waiting for you, all ready to make love to you, making you harder than ever, when I whisper in your ear, there’s something that I just have to tell you.
Getting even harder, you wonder just what your sexy girl has planned for you, each time I suggest a new sexual experience, you’ve just wanted me even more, you can’t believe that this perfect woman is all yours’.
But that’s not entirely true, is it?
You put it out of your mind when your beautiful girlfriend whispers in your ear as you slide into me, that I’m pregnant.
You suspected, and bask in the happiness of being a father for all of a minute, when I whisper in your ear something that you can not believe.
As you feel that hot juicy pregnant pussy all around you, the words that humiliate and excite you at the same time, “It’s not your baby.”
And then as you thrust into my fertile pussy, I whisper that I think, not that I know but that I strongly suspect, that the Daddy is, well, black.
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